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Sometimes I overhaul professional instruments to be sold in shops:

Balanced Action – 23,xxx

Balanced Action – 25,xxx

SBA Alto – 37,xxx

SBA Alto – 38,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 92,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 95,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 98,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 105,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 135,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 137,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 141,xxx

Mark VII Alto – 270,xxx

Conn 30M – 298,000

“The saxophone just received a full mechanical overhaul from Mike Livingston, who does incredible repair work. Mike is a top notch saxophonist as well, so he puts in the time to make sure that horns that he overhauls are in perfect playing condition. This means pads that are sealing very well, and tonal balance between all registers.”

King Saxello – 77,xxx

King Super 20 – 333,xxx

Buescher Aristocrat – 341,xxx

Selmer N Series – N397

LeBlanc Symphonie – 11,xxx

Noblet Model 27 – 90,xxx

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