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I don’t sell instruments but many that I have overhauled are sold through reputable shops. These are some of my favorites:

Balanced Action – 23,xxx

Balanced Action – 25,xxx

SBA Alto – 37,xxx

SBA Alto – 38,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 92,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 95,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 98,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 105,xxx

“It was just overhauled by Mike Livingston. Mike’s work is top notch, and this sax feels incredibly locked in from top to bottom. He performed extensive keywork, so the action feels tight and locked in, much like the day it left the factory.”

Mark VI Tenor – 135,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 137,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 141,xxx

Mark VII Alto – 270,xxx

King Saxello – 77,xxx

King Super 20 – 333,xxx

Buescher Aristocrat – 341,xxx

Selmer N Series – N397

LeBlanc Symphonie – 11,xxx

Noblet Model 27 – 90,xxx

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