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Much of my work is overhauling professional instruments for other shops:

Balanced Action – 23,xxx

Balanced Action – 23,xxx

“I sent the sax out to Mike Livingston for a mechanical overhaul, who does amazing overhaul work … the sax feels tight and locked in in every register. The low range speaks very easily, a great mark of his exacting detail during this overhaul.”

Balanced Action – 25,xxx

SBA Alto – 37,xxx

SBA Alto – 38,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 92,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 95,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 98,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 105,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 135,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 137,xxx

Mark VI Tenor – 141,xxx

Mark VII Alto – 270,xxx

Conn 30M – 298,000

King Saxello – 77,xxx

King Super 20 – 333,xxx

Buescher Aristocrat – 341,xxx

Selmer N Series – N397

LeBlanc Symphonie – 11,xxx

Noblet Model 27 – 90,xxx

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